Naturalist hikes and treks in the French Alps
Oisans, Ecrins National Park, Taillefer, Vercors
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Naturalist outings, hikes and treks in Spring

In Spring Montanea organizes naturalist outings and hikes in the plains around Vizille and in the mountains in Oisans and in Vercors.

These outings and hikes range from a 1/2 day to longer tours of several days with all levels, from the small naturalist walk to more "physical" hikes. They are organized as follows :

Naturalist outings / Day hikes / Hikes with a night in a refuge / Your first 3,000 m / Adventure tours

Levels and equipment
For each hike a detailed description of the level and equipment needed is provided. Feel free to contact your trek leader for more information.

Reservations and prices
Reservations for naturalist outings and day hikes are done by mail with your trek leader, please click here

For adventure tours, refuge and bivouac hikes, first 3,000 m, reservations can be done by mail as well, please click here

Besides it is necessary to contact your trek leader before to know the feasibility of some hikes (snow conditions in June, refuges opening...). For the prices of all the hikes, please click here
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